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Implantable medical device with heart condition detection

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8133187.

A method for detecting a condition of a heart of a patient using an implantable medical device, including the steps of sensing acoustic signals indicative of heart sounds of the heart of the patient; extracting signals corresponding to a first heart sound (S1) and a second heart sound (S2) from sensed signals; calculating an energy value corresponding to a signal corresponding to the first heart sound (S1) and an energy value corresponding to the second heart sound (S2); calculating a relation between the energy value corresponding to the first heart sound and the energy value corresponding to the second heart sound for successive cardiac cycles; and using at least one relation to detect the condition or a change of the condition. A medical device for determining the posture of a patient and a computer readable medium encoded with instructions are used to perform the inventive method.

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