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Device for diverting products sideways from a conveyor

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #8132661.

The invention provides a device for selectively diverting products sideways from a load-bearing conveying surface of a conveyor that is moving in a direction of transport, comprising a frame, an elongated diverter element having an upstream end, a downstream end and a deflecting surface there between, pivoting means for pivoting the diverter element in a reciprocal fashion about a vertical pivot axis extending on one side of the conveying surface, between a passive position, in which the diverter element extends beside the conveying surface so as to allow products to pass freely on the conveying surface, and an active position, in which the diverter element extends at least partially above the conveying surface for diverting products present on the conveying surface sideways from said conveying surface, and driving means for driving the deflecting surface with respect to a remaining part of the diverter element at least in the active position, wherein the pivoting means are arranged for translating the diverter element as well during the pivoting movement of the diverter element from the passive position to the active position and vice versa.

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