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Dispensing device for infrared special material

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8132492.

In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a deployment device that is operative to deploy Special Material (SM) to protect the vehicle when an enemy infrared (IR) threat is present. The deployment device constructed in accordance with the present invention comprises at least one, and preferably a pair of canisters which are each filled or loaded with SM, then factory sealed to prevent oxidation or contamination. Each of the canisters included in the deployment device includes an input shaft which, when rotated, is operative to transmit the rotary motion to each of four threaded rods. The rods have two primary functions, which are to advance a piston thereby preloading the SM within the canister toward the open end thereof, and to turn rotary metering devices which are located at the open end of the canister. The advancing piston maintains consistent compression in the SM stack within the canister. Additionally, the rotary metering devices which are located in respective ones of the four corners of the canister at the aft end thereof control and thus meter how the SM is dispensed into the airstream behind the aircraft. In this regard, the rotary metering devices have external features that interleave with the stack of SM. As the rotary metering devices turn, the interleaving features continuously release and engage the SM stack, thus controlling the distinct amount of SM released. When stationary, the rotary metering devices positively retain the SM stack within the canister.

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