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Extended one-time password method and apparatus

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8132243.

An OTP token for facilitating the authorizing of a client workstation to conduct a session with a server over the Internet is disclosed. Information at least partially identifying the server is provided to the OTP token and/or the client workstation, and a determination is made, using this identifying information, if the server is a legitimate server. In accordance with this determination, it is decided whether or not to transmit data indicative of a session OTP from the OTP token to the client workstation. In some embodiments, if the identifying information is indicative of a legitimate server, the data indicative of the session OTP is transmitted from the OTP token to the client workstation, and otherwise, the data indicative of the session OTP is withheld from the client workstation. Data indicative of the session OTP may include, in various embodiments, either multi-factor authentication data derived from user authorization data, or session OTP data that is independent of user authentication data.

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