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Mounting objects on a turntable

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8132197.

The embodiments herein describe an apparatus and method for a reduced Z stack slot loading optical disc drive (ODD). In one embodiment, an optical disc mounting assembly can be used to chuck an optical disc to a turntable. The optical disc mounting assembly can include a hub spring for spring loading a hub and a clamping mechanism pivotally connected to the hub. In the described embodiment, in an extended position, the clamp is used to secure the optical disc to the turntable. The clamping mechanism can include a clamp pivotally attached to the hub at a pivot point. In the absence of the optical disc, the clamp is retracted and secured within a recess in the optical disc mounting assembly. In the presence of the optical disc, the mounting assembly chucks the optical disc to the turntable using the clamp and hub.

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