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Prediction of dynamic current waveform and spectrum in a semiconductor device

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8132137.

A method for accurately determining the shape of currents in a current spectrum for a circuit design is provided. The method includes determining timing characteristics and power consumption characteristics for the circuit design. In one embodiment, the timing characteristics are provided through a electronic design automation tool. The timing characteristics yield a current pulse time width. In another embodiment, the power consumption characteristics are provided by an EDA tool. The power consumption characteristics yield a current pulse amplitude. The shape of the current pulse is obtained by incrementally processing a power analyzer tool over relatively small time increments over one or more clock cycles while capturing the switching nodes of a simulation of the circuit design for each time increment. In one embodiment, the time increments are one nanosecond or less. From the timing characteristics and the power consumption characteristics a time domain current waveform is constructed, which can be converted to the frequency domain.

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