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Dynamic binding of portlets

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8131706.

The present invention relates to a method and respective system for binding a portlet into a web portal infrastructure comprising at least one portal and a plurality of portlets. A method in accordance with an embodiment includes: storing a portlet profile data structure, wherein the portlet profile data structure is associated with a portlet and is deployed at a portal server, and wherein the portlet profile data structure declares a portlet class and at least one portlet characteristic; storing a portlet binding policy data structure, which is associated with the portlet class and is deployed at a portal server, wherein the portlet binding policy data structure declares relations or conditions specifying the at least one portlet characteristic; during processing of an incoming request for a portlet, automatically selecting the portlet class, all stored portlet profile data structures, and the portlet binding policy data structure associated with the requested portlet; performing a cross-checking of the relations or conditions of the selected binding policy data structure against the portlet characteristics of the selected portlet profile data structures; automatically selecting a favorite portlet out of the selected portlets, which best matches best the cross-checking; and invoking the favorite portlet for rendering in response to the incoming request.

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