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Transmitter identifier database for enhanced GPS performance

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8131464.

A mobile station database of cellular identifications and associated position information is stored in mobile station memory. The mobile station uses the position information in the database to assist in determining a current position for the mobile based on an identifier, such as cell ID, base station BSIC, PSC, or carrier frequency. A satellite vehicle signal is searched in an uncertainty region that is a function of position information associated with the current identifier. The uncertainty region can be limited by assumed platform dynamics via predefined velocity and acceleration information. Time maintenance for the mobile station can also be achieved through known approximate position from the position database and measurement of a single satellite vehicle propagation delay. The mobile station can compare a position determination obtained through satellite vehicle signals with position database information to determine the validity of that position. Out-of-network position information is also stored in the position database and is optionally shared with a network.

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