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Defect inspection device and defect inspection method for inspecting whether a product has defects

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8131059.

In an apparatus for photographing an image of a product to judge whether or not a defect is present, a manufacturing desirable image is formed from data acquired when the product was designed, which could be obtained if no defect was present when the product was photographed, an inspection portion where a defect may occur is selected from the formed manufacturing desirable image, a defect pattern is superimposed on the selected inspection portion so as to form a template equipped with the defect pattern. The image of the product is photographed, a template matching operation is carried out as a template having the defect pattern, and judgement is made whether or not a defect is present based upon a matched evaluation value. As a result, the judgement for judging whether or not the defect is present can be directly carried out based upon the evaluation value.

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