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Method for recovery from linkset failure in telecommunications network

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8130933.

A signal transfer point (STP) within a first telecommunications network enables recovery from a linkset failure between the first telecommunications network and a second telecommunications network by deactivating one or more affected signaling routes between the first and second telecommunications networks that include the failed linkset. The STP includes a linkset controller for monitoring the current state of the linkset coupled between the STP and an additional STP within the second telecommunications network. The STP further includes an input interface for receiving a deactivate common channel signaling (CCS) route command from a user when the current state of the linkset indicates failure of the linkset, and a signaling route control module that changes the route status for the affected signaling routes to "prohibited" to prevent SS7 traffic associated with the affected signaling routes from being sent over the linkset.

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