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Samples of bandlimited signals recovery system and method

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #8130886.

A method and system of sample recovery is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes selecting initially in an arbitrary manner, a current symbol from a sequence of input samples, comparing a symbol timing estimate associated with the current symbol to a predetermined threshold, selecting a future symbol strobe that is ahead at an interval equivalent to a predetermined interval based on the comparison of the symbol timing estimate to the predetermined threshold, selecting a future symbol from the sequence of samples corresponding to the future symbol strobe, assigning the future symbol to the current symbol, which is the recovered symbol, rearranging the recovered symbols to form Pulse Code Modulated (PCM) samples of a bandlimited signal at a sample rate which is derived from the recovered symbol rate, and resampling at the sample rate of the receptor block which receives the recovered PCM samples.

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