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Wideband digital spectrometer

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8130880.

A method for reducing interference, comprising receiving a wideband signal, having at least one large amplitude component; adaptively modifying the wideband signal with respect to at least one high intensity component without substantial introduction of non-linear distortion, while reducing a residual dynamic range thereof; digitizing the modified wideband signal to capture information describing at least the high intensity signal at a sampling rate sufficient to extract modulated information present within the wideband signal at an upper limit of the band. The system analyzes a spectral characteristic of the wideband signal; and extracts adaptation parameters for the adaptive filtering. The system therefore provides both large net dynamic range and wideband operation. Preferably, the digitizer and filter, and part of the spectral characteristic analyzer is implemented in using superconducting circuit technology, with, for example low temperature superconducting digital signal processing components, and high temperature superconducting analog filtering components.

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