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Method for formatting digital broadcast transport stream packet for improved receiving performance, digital broadcast transmitter, and signal processing method thereof

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8130798.

A method of formatting a digital broadcast transport stream packet, a digital broadcast transmitter, and a signal processing method thereof, includes constructing a transport stream packet that includes a stuffing region for an insertion of a known supplementary reference signal (SRS) data therein, randomizing the packet that includes the stuffing region is randomized, and the SRS data is inserted into the stuffing region of the randomized packet. Adding a parity for an error correction to the packet into which the SRS data has been inserted, the packet to which the parity has been added is interleaved, and a trellis encoding of the interleaved packet is performed. Inserting a segment sync signal and a field sync signal into the trellis-encoded packet, and a vestigial side band (VSB) modulation and an RF conversion of the packet are performed to transmit the VSB-modulated and RF-converted packet.

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