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On-chip and chip-to-chip routing using a processor element/router combination

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8130754.

A system and method is shown for on-chip and chip-to-chip routing. The system and method includes a processor element residing on a processor die to process a data packet received at the processor die. The system and method also include a router residing on the process die to route the data packet received at the processor die. Further, the system and method includes a switch core residing on the processor die to switch a communication channel along which the data packet is to be transmitted. Additionally, the system and method includes a switch core to identify a destination processing element and router (PE/R) module for a data packet, the switch core and the destination PE/R module residing on a common processor die. Moreover, the system and method includes a communication channel to operatively connect the switch core and the destination PE/R module on the common processor die.

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