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Optical information recording and/or reproducing apparatus, optical information recording and/or reproducing method, optical information recording medium, and solid immersion lens

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8130623.

An optical information recording and/or reproducing apparatus comprises: a focusing unit (11) which collects generated near-field light on an optical disc (1); a first detector (17) which receives light reflected by the optical disc (1) and outputs an electric signal according to the quantity of the received light; and a distance control circuit (22) which controls the distance between the focusing unit (11) and a light entrance surface of the optical disc (1), using the electric signal that is output from the first detector (17), and the optical disc (1) has at least N (N is an integer of 2 or greater) number of information layers, and a distance d0 from the light entrance surface to a first information layer which is most distant from the light entrance surface and a distance dn from the light entrance surface to an Nth information layer which is closest to the light entrance surface satisfy the relationship of dn.gtoreq.d0.times.(1/25). As a result, servo control can be accurately performed regardless which information layer, out of a plurality of information layers of an optical disc, information is recorded to or reproduced from.

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