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Optical disk driving apparatus, optical disk driving system, vehicle equipped with optical disk driving system, method of correcting spherical aberration in optical disk driving apparatus, pro

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8130603.

An optical disk driving apparatus includes an optical head device having a laser light source, a converging optical system converging a light beam emitted by the laser light source onto an optical disk, a photo detector receiving reflected light reflected by the optical disk, and an aberration correcting optical system controlling aberration of the converging optical system; a motor rotating the optical disk; and a control section receiving a signal from the photo detector, wherein the converging optical system has an objective lens formed using resin as a main material, the aberration correcting optical system has a spherical aberration correcting element correcting spherical aberration, and the control section evaluates quality of a reproduction signal for information in the optical disk by using the reflected light received by the photo detector, and utilizes a result of the evaluation to perform closed loop control on the spherical aberration correcting element.

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