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Magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus and method for determining magnetic recording condition

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #8130457.

A magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus 100 includes: a magnetic head 1; a magnetic recording medium 2; a spindle 3 and a spindle motor 4; a suspension arm 5; a voice coil motor 6; and a control unit 7. The control unit 7 has: a motor driver 8; a head amplifier 9; a read/write channel 10; a laser driver 11; and a controller 12. The controller 12 has: a preliminary recording unit 13; a judgment unit 14; an extraction unit 15; a drive condition determining unit 16; and a preliminary recording terminating unit 17. Based on a reproduction signal evaluation value obtained using these units and a predetermined reference value, a drive condition is determined which is suitable for recording onto the magnetic recording medium 2.

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