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Liquid crystal display device and color filter for liquid crystal display device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8130342.

Disclosed a liquid crystal display device including a backlight device including a white-emitting LED device which emits a white light arising from a color mixture created through a combination of a blue-emitting LED, a red-emitting phosphor and a green-emitting phosphor, and a color filter equipping color pixels exhibiting plural colors including a red pixel and formed on a transparent substrate, wherein the white-emitting LED device is enabled to exhibit an emission spectrum having a first peak wavelength falling within a range of 440-470 nm, a second peak wavelength falling within a range of 510-550 nm and a third peak wavelength falling within a range of 630-670 nm, and a red display chromaticity of the liquid crystal display device is confined within a region bounded by lines connecting four points (0.620, 0.280), (0.620, 0.300), (0.680, 0.315) and (0.680, 0.280) based on an xy chromaticity coordinate system.

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