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Luminance level control device

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #8130325.

A scene change detecting circuit (1) detects a scene change of video. An average luminance level operating circuit (2) calculates an average luminance level (APL) of a video signal (VD). A luminance overdrive amount calculating circuit (3) calculates a luminance overdrive amount (OD) based on the average luminance level (APL). A time-linked attenuating circuit (7) outputs a power consumption limit correction amount (PA) by attenuating the luminance overdrive amount (OD) with an elapse of time from a point in time of detecting the scene change. An adder (8) adds the power consumption limit correction amount (PA) and a reference power consumption limit value (Lp) to output the addition result as a power consumption limit amount (PL). An ABL circuit (4) calculates a luminance limit amount (BL) based on luminance limit characteristics, the average luminance level (APL) and the power consumption limit amount (PL). A luminance level control circuit (5) determines a display drive condition (BC) based on the luminance limit amount (BL). A PDP drive controller (6) drives a display panel (20) based on the video signal (VD) and the display driving condition (BC).

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