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Noninvasive multi-parameter patient monitor

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #8130105.

Embodiments of the present disclosure include a handheld multi-parameter patient monitor capable of determining multiple physiological parameters from the output of a light sensitive detector capable of detecting light attenuated by body tissue. For example, in an embodiment, the monitor is capable of advantageously and accurately displaying one or more of pulse rate, plethysmograph data, perfusion quality, signal confidence, and values of blood constituents in body tissue, including for example, arterial carbon monoxide saturation ("HbCO"), methemoglobin saturation ("HbMet"), total hemoglobin ("Hbt"), arterial oxygen saturation ("SpO.sub.2"), fractional arterial oxygen saturation ("SpaO.sub.2"), or the like. In an embodiment, the monitor advantageously includes a plurality of display modes enabling more parameter data to be displayed than the available physical display real estate.

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