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Method and system for varactor linearization

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8130051.

Aspects of a method and system for varactor linearization are provided. In this regard, a relationship between control voltage and capacitance of a variable capacitor may be controlled utilizing a plurality of bias voltages communicatively coupled to a corresponding plurality of bias terminals of said variable capacitor. The variable capacitor may comprise a plurality of two-terminal unit varactors and a first terminal of each unit varactor may be coupled to an RF terminal of the variable capacitor, a second terminal of one of the unit varactors may be coupled to the control voltage, and a second terminal of each of the remaining unit varactors may be coupled to one of the bias voltages. The bias voltages may be generated via a resistor ladder and/or via the resistive nature of a portion of semiconductor substrate. The bias voltages may linearize the relationship between the control voltage and the capacitance.

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