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Ocean wave energy extractor

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8129854.

An ocean wave energy extractor includes a first flotation device that contains a second flotation device and a mechanism for extracting energy. The wave energy extractor floats in seawater and extracts energy from waves. A propagating wave rotates the first flotation device relative to the second flotation device. The mechanism is connected to both flotation devices and generates energy from this relative rotation. In one example, a first flotation device includes a spherical chamber with a flotation collar, and a second flotation device supported by a joint at a center of the chamber. A wave approaching from any direction rotates the first flotation device relative to the second flotation device, and a mechanism for extracting energy generates electrical energy from the relative rotation. The chamber shields inner components from seawater and adverse ocean conditions. The wave energy extractor need not be moored to a location to extract energy from waves.

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