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Trench gate type VDMOSFET device with thicker gate insulation layer portion for reducing gate to source capacitance

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #8129779.

A semiconductor device according to the present invention includes a semiconductor layer. A first conductivity type region is formed on a base layer portion of the semiconductor layer. A body region of a second conductivity type is formed on the semiconductor layer to be in contact with the first conductivity type region. A trench in which a gate electrode is embedded through a gate insulating film is formed on the semiconductor layer. The trench penetrates through the body region, so that a deepest portion thereof reaches the first conductivity type region. A source region of the first conductivity type is formed on a surface layer portion of the semiconductor layer around the trench. The gate insulating film includes a thick-film portion having a relatively large thickness on a bottom surface of the trench.

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