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Method of manufacturing an instant pulse filter using anodic oxidation and instant pulse filter manufactured by said method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8129745.

The instant pulse filter according to the present invention, which may cause a malfunction or a short life span of a semiconductor device, is made using an aluminum anodic oxidation, comprising--a first step for forming an aluminum thin film layer on an upper side of an insulator substrate; a second step for forming an aluminum oxide thin film layer having a pore by oxidizing the aluminum thin film layer by means of an anodic oxidation; a third step for depositing a metallic material on an upper side of the aluminum thin film layer for filling the pore; a fourth step for forming a nano rod in the interior of the aluminum oxide thin film layer by eliminating the metallic material deposited except in the pore; a fifth step for forming an internal electrode on an upper side of the aluminum oxide thin film layer having the nano rod; a sixth step for forming a protective film layer on an upper side of the same in order to protect the aluminum oxide thin film layer and the internal electrode from the external environment; and a seventh step for forming an external electrode on both sides of the substrate in which the protective film layer is formed.

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