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Multiband semiconductor compositions for photovoltaic devices

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8129615.

The highly mismatched alloy Zn.sub.1-yMn.sub.yO.sub.xTe.sub.1-x, 0.ltoreq.y<1 and 0<x<1 and other Group II-IV-Oxygen implanted alloys have been synthesized using the combination of oxygen ion implantation and pulsed laser melting. Incorporation of small quantities of isovalent oxygen leads to the formation of a narrow, oxygen-derived band of extended states located within the band gap of the Zn.sub.1-yMn.sub.yTe host. With multiple band gaps that fall within the solar energy spectrum, Zn.sub.1-yMn.sub.yO.sub.xTe.sub.1-x is a material perfectly satisfying the conditions for single-junction photovoltaics with the potential for power conversion efficiencies surpassing 50%.

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