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Light-scattering film and optical device using the same

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #8129611.

A light scattering film having the structure which guides electrical signal to a desired position and scatters incident light and the surface of which is substantially flat, and a photoelectric device using the same. The light scattering film includes a medium made of transparent conductive material and a light scatterer embedded in the medium. The light scattering film realizes conductivity and the light-scattering characteristic by single component. It is not necessary to make the texture of a surface with concavity and convexity deliberately to achieve the light-scattering characteristic. Desirably, the surface is substantially flat. When a semiconductor layer is formed on the surface, the defects are suppressed because of the flatness of the surface. The photoelectric device having the light scattering film and the semiconductor device on the surface of the film can achieve high photoelectric conversion efficiency.

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