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Write-once optical record carrier for high-speed recording

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8129012.

The present invention relates to a write-once optical record carrier for high speed recording, in particular to a DVD+R disc. Such a record carrier comprises in general at least a substrate layer (3), a recording layer (2) of an organic dye material on top of the substrate layer (3) and a metal reflective layer (1) on top of the recording layer (2). In order to obtain a less steep temperature gradient at the interface between the recording layer (2) and the reflective layer (1) and thus to prevent mechanical stress leading to a delamination problem it is proposed to reduce the thickness of the metal reflective layer (1) to a range below 75 nm. A dielectric layer of a thickness below 50 nm between the recording layer (2) and the metal reflective layer (1) is also enclosed.

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