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Analyzing article, analyzer and method of analyzing a sample using the analyzing article, and a method of forming an opening in the analyzing article

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #8128889.

The present invention relates to a technique for moving a mobile component such as a sample and a reagent, in an analyzing article. A method of analyzing a sample according to the present invention includes a first movement step of moving a mobile component from a fluid entrance port (61) to a first goal (511) in a passage (51), and a second movement step of moving the mobile component from the first goal (511) to a second goal (512) in the passage (51), in an analyzing article (Y1). The analyzing article (Y1) further includes a branch passage which branches from the first goal (511), and a first opening for releasing gas from within the branch passage. The first movement step is carried out by establishing communication between inside and outside of the branch passage via the first opening. The second movement step is carried out by providing a second opening downstream from the second goal (512) with respect to a flow direction of the mobile component, thereby establishing communication between inside and outside of the passage.

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