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MECS dialyzer

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8128822.

The present invention is related to hemodialysis, and more particularly, to a dialyser with improved efficiency of mass transfer across a dialysis membrane utilizing microchannel separation provided in accordance with embodiments of the present invention. In accordance with an embodiment, a dialyzer is provided comprising a plurality of semipermeable membrane sheets and a plurality of flow separators. The membrane sheets and flow are arranged in alternating configuration and coupled into a laminae stack defining a plurality of parallel microchannel layers. Each microchannel layer comprises a plurality of first microchannels and a plurality of second microchannels. The first and second microchannels of each microchannel layer are in fluid communication with each other via one of the plurality of membrane sheets therebetween. The MECS dialyzer is characterized as having a high surface to volume ratio and a high mass transfer coefficient.

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