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Low profile screw anchor with variable axis/angle fixation

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8128666.

A low-profile bone anchoring system particularly suited to pelvis fixation in conjunction with spinal correction. The preferred embodiment utilizes screw fixation, followed by deployment of penetrating anchoring arms, expansion of outer sleeve, or both. The proximal ends of the screw anchors are preferably flush or deep to the bone surface. An internal screw mechanism is utilized to deploy side anchoring arms, or expansion of outer sleeve, or both. Serrated top edge interfaces with low profile variable axis/angled elbow (VAE), which has varying lengths/dimensions to accommodate anatomy and differing rod sizes. The VAEs preferably feature a serrated bottom edge to interface with anchor screw. Locking screw at elbow secures into inner threads of pelvis anchor screw. Each VAE captures a rod, end to end, or by passing rod through the side of elbow.

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