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Chest drainage and apparatus for the insertion thereof

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8128648.

An apparatus for the introduction of a drainage tube into a patient's chest cavity, comprising a housing having a distal end, a proximal end, and a longitudinal axis; a scalpel operable in a protruding position between a closed position in which the cutting portions are adjacent one another and adapted to make an incision in the dermis of the patient, and an open position in which the cutting portions are spaced from one another forming a scalpel passage along the longitudinal axis between the cutting portions. The apparatus further comprising a trocar comprising first and second trocar portions, each extending along the length of the trocar; the trocar being operable between an closed position wherein the first and second trocar portions are substantially adjacent one another, and a closed position in which the first and second trocar portions are spaced from one another and adapted for the introduction of the drainage tube therethrough.

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