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Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #8128610.

Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent briefs, diaper holders, training pants and the like, having elastomeric ear panels and a fastening system that provides the user with different options as to how the absorbent article may be fitted to and removed from the wearer. The absorbent articles allow the wearer to choose between conventional and pull-on diaper configurations, or combinations thereof, and properly and comfortably fit a large range of wearer sizes. Further, the absorbent articles can be pulled on and/or off as a pant. This feature is provided by the ear panels which maintain sufficient tension to hold the diaper on the wearer throughout the period of use without harming the wearer's skin, while providing enough stretch to allow the diaper to be pulled up or down over the wearer's hips. The fastening system is refastenable for convenience yet strong enough to maintain the diaper in a fastened configuration without becoming detached if the diaper is pulled on or off the wearer.

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