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System and method for urodynamic evaluation utilizing micro electro-mechanical system technology

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8128576.

An implantable urodynamic system includes an implantable first device deployable in a patient's bladder, an implantable second device deployable in a patient's vaginal canal, and a data acquisition and analysis module or processing unit external to the body of the patient. The first device includes a magnet and an inductive coil, and the second device includes a magnet, an inductive coil and a battery. When deployed in the patient's body, attraction between the magnets maintains the two devices in close proximity to one another to effect an inductive coupling between the coils so that the first device may be powered by the battery of the second device. The urodynamic system is intended to facilitate measurement, collection, and wireless transmission of real-time, or near real-time, data (bladder pressure, abdominal pressure, and temperature) from an ambulatory patient. This data is of value in diagnosing a number of abnormal bladder conditions, such as infection, overactive bladder, bladder spasms, and the like.

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