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Gaming device having dynamic paylines

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8128480.

A gaming device including a plurality of symbol generators with a plurality of symbols on or associated with each symbol generator. At least one and preferably a plurality of the symbols are reflector symbols. A reflector symbol is a symbol that, when generated on one of the reels, causes any payline which runs through such symbol to be reflected back across one or more of the reels. In operation, after providing the player any award based on the symbols generated on any wagered on paylines, the gaming device determines if at least one reflector symbol is generated on at least one of the wagered on paylines. If at least one reflector symbol is generated on at least one of the wagered on paylines, the generated reflector symbol causes the activated payline which runs through the generated reflector symbol to reflect back across one, more or each of the reels to form a supplemental payline. The gaming device determines if an award is associated with any of the symbols or symbol combinations generated on the supplemental payline and provides any determined award to the player.

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