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Poker tournament system and method

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #8128472.

A method of playing a poker style card game tournament includes providing an original table at which a plurality of players can compete in the poker style card game. An entry fee for each of the plurality of players is predetermined. The type of poker style card game in which the players will compete is predetermined as is an event outcome from which a winner is determined from the plurality of players. A mechanism is provided that allows each of the plurality of players to pay the predetermined entry fee to enter the tournament. A forum is also provided that allows each of the plurality of players to compete against one another in the predetermined poker style card game. A point-leader is identified from amongst the plurality of players based on an evaluation of the event outcome. The point-leader is advanced to one or more additional tables and is compensated based on their performance at the one or more additional tables. At least one stakeholder is also compensated based on the performance of the point-leader at the one or more additional tables.

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