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Connecting device for connecting an electrical conductor to a solar module and method for the production thereof, together with a solar module with such a connecting device

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8128439.

A connecting device that connects to at least one external electrical conductor of a photovoltaic solar module. The connecting device includes a plurality of busbars, a support element, a housing, a diode and a contact. The plurality of busbars are arranged next to one another, while the support element is attached to the plurality of busbars and includes a bottom face to be positioned on the solar module. The housing is positioned over the support element and the plurality of busbars and includes an edge surrounding the support element and the plurality of busbars when the overhousing is positioned on the solar module. The diode fits onto the plurality of busbars and includes diode leads that fit onto one of the plurality of busbars, such that the plurality of busbars are connected together through the diode.

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