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Model human eye

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #8128412.

A model human eye is disclosed. The model human eye comprises a extended hemispherical-shaped assembly comprising a center point, an open end defined by a first continuous distal end, a cornea portion symmetrically disposed around the center point, and a sclera portion disposed between the cornea portion and the first continuous distal end. The extended hemispherical-shaped assembly comprises an integral molding. The model human eye further comprises a lenticular bag disposed within the extended hemispherical-shaped assembly. The model human eye further comprises a base comprising a bottom and one or more walls attached to that bottom and extending outwardly therefrom, where the one or more walls comprise a second continuous distal end. The first continuous distal end is attached to the second continuous distal end to define an enclosed space. The lenticular bag separates the enclosed space into an anterior chamber and a posterior chamber.

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