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Axial piston pump or motor of the swashplate or bent axis type

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8128380.

An axial piston machine, in particular an axial piston pump, of the swashplate or bent axis type, is described, wherein a fixed control plate (12), which comprises at least one control passage (12a) consisting of a plurality of control passage sections (12b, 12c) separated from each other by bridges (12d), is arranged between a cylinder drum, rotatable in both directions of rotation, and a fixed housing. The object of the invention is to design the control plate of an axial piston machine in such a way that damage by cavitation to the structural parts is prevented over the entire extent of the control passages for the supply and removal of the operating fluid. For this purpose the at least one control passage (12a) in the region at least of one bridge (12d) is provided with a pressure balance opening (13) connecting the surfaces of the control plate (12) with one another.

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