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Pick-up style utility vehicle with expandable cargo bed

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8128144.

A pick-up style utility vehicle has a front seat, a rear seat, and a cargo bed in this order from the front, a cabin frame surrounding a riding space, and a screen shield partitioning the cargo bed and a rear riding space in front of the cargo bed. The cargo bed can be changed between an expanded state in which the cargo bed is expanded in a front direction to the rear riding space and a non-expanded state not occupying the rear riding space. The upper portion of the screen shield is swingably supported by the upper portion of the cabin frame so that the screen shield can be shifted between a position in the expanded state and a position in the non-expanded state. The screen shield has a foldable folding portion, is swung in the expanded state, and is supported by a vehicle body component while being in a folded state by the folding portion.

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