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Crane backstay spreader

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8127949.

A backstay spreader attachable between a pair of backstay sections on a crane includes first and second members each having a backstay section connector at a first end and a pivoting joint connector at a second end, the pivoting joint connectors being used to hold the first and second members together with a pivotal connection and each having an extending portion extending away from the pivotal connection, with an angle between the extending portions. The backstay spreader also includes an actuator mounted between the pivoting joint connectors. The actuator controls the angle between the extending portions of the two pivoting joint connectors, which defines an angle between the first and second members. When the actuator forces the two extending portions towards each other, the first and second members pivot around the pivotal connection to force the first and second backstay sections further apart from one another, and when the actuator allows the two extending portions to pivot away from each other, the first and second members pivot towards each other, allowing the backstay sections to come closer together.

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