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System and method for power production using a hybrid helical detonation device

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8127533.

The system and method described herein uses a hybrid pulsed detonation engine (PDE) system to drive a turbine that powers an electric generator. The combustion chamber of the PDE is shaped in a helical form, so that the external length of the section is reduced, while maintaining the distance for acceleration to detonation. This allows the achievement of deflagration to detonation transition without the help of turbulence enhancing obstacles, while keeping the overall size of the detonation tube small. The PDE output can be scaled by: increasing the cross sectional area of the detonation chamber; increasing the number of detonation tubes; and increasing the frequency of operation of the PDE. The replacement of conventional deflagrative internal combustion engines, including gas turbines and reciprocating engines, with pulsed detonation engines for electric power generation, may provide fuel savings and have a lower environmental impact.

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