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Hair removing device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8127453.

A hair removal apparatus with a housing and an actuator head movable in the housing. The actuator head accommodates an actuator system that removes the hairs and is adapted to be driven by an electric drive mechanism arranged in the hair removal apparatus. The actuator system is movable into at least one active position for hair treatment. According to the invention, the actuator head is freely rotatable in the housing about an axis of rotation for adjustment of an active position. Using a single hair removal apparatus it is thus possible to employ various hair treatment systems such as long-hair cutter, short-hair cutter, or epilator, requiring only the actuator head to be turned about its bearing axis until the cutting unit provided for the respective hair treatment operation is turned into the actuator plane. Since several hair treatment operations can be performed with just one apparatus, manufacturing costs can be reduced.

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