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Electronic apparatus having quartz crystal oscillating circuits

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #8127426.

An electronic apparatus has a display portion, and first and second oscillating circuits each having a quartz crystal resonator, the quartz crystal resonator of each of the first and second oscillating circuits vibrating in a different mode from each other. One of the quartz crystal resonators is a quartz crystal tuning fork resonator having first and second tuning fork tines. Electrodes are disposed on side surfaces of each of the first and second tuning fork tines so that the electrodes of the first tuning fork tine have an electrical polarity opposite to an electrical polarity of the electrodes of the second tuning fork tine. The capacitance ratio r.sub.1 of a fundamental mode of vibration of the quartz crystal tuning fork resonator is less than a capacitance ratio r.sub.2 of a second overtone mode of vibration thereof. An output signal of the oscillating circuit having the quartz crystal tuning fork resonator is a clock signal used to display time information at the display portion of the electronic apparatus.

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