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Remote configuration of computing platforms

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8127124.

An embodiment of the invention relates to a computing platform (10) having an attribute (241) that is configurable by a remote system (350), the computing platform (10) storing a first verifier (332) for verifying that a message is from a trusted remote source (360) and being operable to: acquire a second verifier (331) from a trusted remote source (360), including by verifying the second verifier (331) using the first verifier (332), the second verifier (331) being usable for verifying that a message is from a remote configuration system (350) that is trustable to configure the attribute (241); acquire a configuration setting (I) from the remote configuration system, including by verifying the configuration setting (I) using the second verifier (331); and configure the attribute (241) according to the configuration setting (I).

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