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Migration management based on destination performance information

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #8127092.

Implementing migration of a computer or data in consideration of the performance of an entire computer system is disclosed. A management computer is coupled to a computer 41000 and to a storage system 51000 having RAID groups 51220 and 51221 for providing logical volumes 51210 to 51212. When a predetermined event occurs at a resource on an I/O path from the computer 41000 to the RAID groups 51220 and 51221, the applicable I/O path is extracted. Moreover, it is determined whether or not there is another I/O path used by another computer and another logical volume, which does not share any resources and does not use the extracted I/O path. When there is the other I/o path, it is determined whether or not a performance of a resource contained therein remains within a preset range of a threshold requirement in the case of migrating the computer 41000 and the logical volumes 51210 to 51212 to the other I/O path. If the performance falls within the range, the other I/O path is determined as a migration destination.

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