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Interactive user interface for collecting and processing nomenclature and placement metrics for website design

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8126766.

Computer implemented methods for conducting interactive surveys that define aspects of a web page, is disclosed. One method includes generating an interactive survey user interface (UI), where the interactive survey UI provides a plurality of selectable nomenclature items for a plurality of page objects of the web page. Then, enabling selection of one nomenclature item from the plurality of selectable nomenclature items. A drag and drop operation enables the selection of the one nomenclature item and dragging to the one of the plurality of page objects to define a placement for the one nomenclature item. The selection of the one nomenclature item and the defined placement is received to build metrics from multiple survey participants, where the metrics are used to define recommendation for rendering the plurality of page objects on the web page. The recommendations identify nomenclature and placement of page objects for the design of the web page.

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