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Formulation of a preventive maintenance message relating to the functional degradations of an aircraft

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8126597.

A method of preventive maintenance for an aircraft, the aircraft having components, including items of equipment of the aircraft and/or electronic modules and/or physical links. The lifetime information for the components is known. The aircraft also includes means for monitoring the components, a centralized maintenance system, and means for estimating the life time of the components. The aircraft carries out a set of functions, each being ensured by a chain of components. The method comprises several steps including, a first step of locating the degradations of the items of equipment, a second step making it possible to allocate the located degradations to the various functions of the aircraft, a third step of estimating the lifetime of the functions identified in the second step, and a fourth step of formulating the maintenance message constructed on the basis of the previous steps.

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