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Electronic multimode data shift device, in particular for coding/decoding with an LDPC code

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8126022.

An electronic device includes N inputs to receive R input data, R being able to take values from 1 to N, and N outputs. A configurable shift circuit is coupled between the N inputs and N outputs and has a cascade of shift stages, each shift stage comprising at least N controllable multiplexers. Each multiplexer includes first and second elementary inputs respectively coupled to a first input and a second input taken from among the N inputs so as to, on command, not shift a data item present on the first elementary input and shift a data item present on the second elementary input by an elementary shift value dependent on a rank of the shift stage, a direction of the shift being identical for each multiplexer. Control circuitry controls the multiplexers to deliver the R input data on R outputs.

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