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Routing frames in a shortest path computer network for a multi-homed legacy bridge node

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8125928.

Methods, apparatus, and products for routing frames in a shortest path computer network for a multi-homed legacy bridge, wherein the network includes a plurality of bridges. At least two of the plurality of bridges operate as edge bridges through which the frames ingress and egress the network. A first edge bridge identifies a legacy bridge nickname for a legacy bridge connected to the network through the first edge bridge and a second edge bridge using active-active link aggregation. The first bridge receives a frame from the legacy bridge and determines, in dependence upon the frame's destination node address, an egress bridge nickname for a third bridge through which a destination node connects to the network. The first bridge then adds the legacy bridge nickname and the egress bridge nickname to the frame and routes the frame to the third bridge in dependence upon the egress bridge nickname.

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