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Method and system for optically coupling a laser with a transducer in an energy assisted magnetic recording disk drive

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8125856.

A method and system for providing an energy assisted magnetic recording (EAMR) disk drive are described. A media for storing data and a slider are provided. The slider has a back side, a trailing face, and an air-bearing surface (ABS) opposite to the back side. At least one laser is coupled with the trailing face of the slider, and has an optic axis substantially parallel to the trailing face. The laser(s) provide energy substantially along the optic axis. Optics are coupled with the trailing face of the slider and receive the energy from the laser(s) via free space. At least one EAMR transducer coupled with the slider. At least part of the EAMR transducer resides in proximity to the ABS. The optics direct the energy from the laser(s) to the EAMR transducer(s). The EAMR transducer(s) receive the energy from the optics and write to the media using the energy.

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